Free Angelic Spiritual Healing Sessions

Angel Healing for Receiving 
(to help you receive energies from the angels)

Angelic Portals of Grace


Here is what Metatron said about these sessions:  "We offer this work at this time to assist all beings. People who respond to us, who have an affinity to us and who remember our connection will be drawn to this work and in doing so - in that comfort and that knowledge will open them up to healing in a different way than through a Practical Mastery session. Our angelic healing sessions are more gentle and we help them and help them and help them until they get it. We do not give up on them. And this gives them the extra support that they need to assist them through their challenges. This is why we ask that the free sessions be done in the angelic way so that we can give our extra expertise, our extra help, comfort and guidance to assist them through every stage of them embracing this choice."  Channeled from Metatron on September 6, 2005.

Angel Energy Healing for Abundance

Angelic Healing for Forgiveness 

Angelic Healing for the Chakras

Angel Healing for Karma

Angel Alternative Healing for the Aura

Angel Spiritual Healing for Water

Angel Spiritual Healing for Home

Angel Spiritual Healing for the Inner Child

Angel Spiritual Healing for Protection and Shielding

Angelic Energy Healing for Curses, Spells and Hexes

Angelic Alternative Healing for Entities and Implants

Angel Energy Healing for Vows

Angelic Spiritual Healing for Dreams

Angel Spiritual Healing for Detoxification

Angel Alternative Healing for Enlightenment

Angel Spiritual Healing for Trauma

Angel Spiritual Healing for Purification

Angel Spiritual Healing for Rejuvenation

Angel Alternative Healing for Alcohol Abuse

Angel Alternative Healing for Cancer

Angel Alternative Healing for Drug Abuse

Angel Alternative Healing for Sexual Abuse

Angel Alternative Healing for Sexual Addictions

Angel Alternative Healing for aids

Angel Spiritual Healing for Atlantis



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