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Are YOU Doing What YOU Came Here to Do?

Are YOU a highly evolved soul, healer or light worker who incarnated here to share your gifts with humanity and to accomplish an important soul mission?

If so, are you doing what you came here to do or have you gotten side-tracked, stuck, trapped and sucked into the negative vortex of mass consciousness?

If you are stuck, my spiritual gift and soul purpose is to help you to heal yourself and get unstuck so that you can realize more of your full potential.

I created the free monthly group healing session in late 2011 to help my clients to release negative energies so that they could do what they came here to do. It has grown by leaps and bounds and over 2,000 have joined.

The free group healing session takes place at ten pm the first Wednesday of each month and contains over twenty transmissions of healing energy to help you to:

Heal energetic weaknesses, imbalances, illness and disease states;
Clear, heal, balance and upgrade your chakras and meridians;
Feel good, look great and experience your optimal health on all levels;
Clear negative energies from your body, consciousness and home;
Love, trust, accept and forgive yourself, others and Spirit;
Get rid of fear, stress, self sabotage and other downer emotions;
Heal and release your past so you can live in the present moment;
Release lack and scarcity consciousness and much, much more!

As a thank you gift for joining my free monthly healing group today, I am emailing new participants a 33 Minute Long "Guided Meditation" for Releasing Stress, Fear & Anxiety!

I don't want you to miss out on this great opportunity. Please enter your BEST email address in the form to the right and check your email inbox within five minutes to access it.

Bill Austin

Thank YOU Gift

When you join the program today,
I will email you a link where you can download a thirty-three minute
long guided meditation MP3
 audio recording to reduce,
eliminate & get rid of
fear, stress and anxiety!


I normally charge $47 for this
guided meditation mp3 but
I am giving it away for
for a limited time
to people who
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